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Building Index (by Building Number)

No.Building NameGrid
1 University House C2
1a Molly Huxley Building D2
1b 26 Balmain Crescent C2
1c Emeritus Faculty C2
1X Davey Lodge G2
2 Menzies Building D3
2X Kinloch Lodge G2
3 Old Administration Area D3
3g G Block, Old Administration Area D3
3h H Block, Old Administration Area D3
3i I Block, Old Administration Area D3
3j J Block, Old Administration Area D3
3k K Block and J Block, Old Administration Area D3
3L Cafe Pepercorn D3
3X Warrumbul Lodge G2
4 Old Administration Area D3
4c Boiler House D3
4d Block D, Old Administration Area D3
4e Block E, Old Administration Area D3
4f F Block and E Block, Old Administration Area D3
4X Lena Karmel Lodge H2
5 Law School, South Wing — ANUCOL D3
5X 121 Marcus Clarke Street G2
6 Law School, North Wing — ANUCOL E3
6a Fellows Road Law Theatres (formerly Sparke Helmore) E3
7 Law Link & Law Link Lecture Theatre E3
8 Coombs Building—Extension D2
8a Coombs Lecture Theatre D2
9 Coombs Building E2
10 Chancelry Building E3
10a Chancelry Block A E3
10b Human Resources Division E3
10c Chancelry Block C E3
10t1 Chancelry E3
11 Pauline Griffin Building F3
12 Melville Hall F3
13 Beryl Rawson Building F2
13a Building 13A F2
13b Asian Studies Demountable E2
13t1 Building 13T1 F2
13t2 Building 13T2 F3
14 A.D. Hope Building F3
15 Chifley Building F3
16 Arts Centre F3
16t ANU Connect Ventures F3
17 Concessions & Student Facilities Building F3
18 University Health Service and Counselling Centre F3
19 Sport and Recreation Centre G3
19a Sports Union Extension G3
20 University Union Building F3
21 Hanna Neumann Building F3
22 Haydon-Allen Building F3
No.Building NameGrid
23 Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre F3
24 Copland Building F2
25 Copland Lecture Theatre G2
25A Arndt Building, H W G2
26 Crisp Building G2
26a Manning Clark Centre G3
26b P.A.P. Moran Building G3
26c College of Business and Economics G3
27 John Dedman Mathematical Sciences Building G3
28 Constable's Cottage B1
29 Drill Hall Gallery G3
30 Toad Hall G3
31 Ian Ross Building G4
32 Engineering Building F4
33 Chemistry Building G4
33a 800 MHz NMR Facility G4
34 Arthur Hambly Lecture Theatres F4
35 Birch Building G4
35a Craig Building G4
36 RSC Lecture Theatre G4
37 W.E.H. Stanner Building B2
38 Physics Building F4
38a Physics Link Building F4
38b Gravity Wave Building G5
39 Psychology Building and Physics Lecture Theatre F5
40 Bruce Hall F5
40a Packard Wing (Bruce Hall) G5
42 Peter Baume Building F5
42a Peter Baume Building F4
43 Hancock Building - West Wing F4
44 Banks Building (RSB) F5
45 John Yencken Building E4
45a University Maintenance F4
46 RN Robertson Building, Research School of Biology (RSB) E4
46c Controlled Environment Facility E4
46e R. N. Robertson Lecture Theatre E4
46g Entrance to RSB Delivery Dock E4
46h Old Growth Chambers E4
47 Department of Earth and Marine Sciences E5
48 Fenner School of Environment and Society E4
48a SRES Geography Building E4
49 Burton and Garran Hall E5
50 Ursula Hall D5
50T1 Laurus Wing D5
51 John XXIII College D5
52 Burgmann College D5
53 Central Store D3
54 John Curtin School of Medical Research C4
54d Solvent Store C4
56 Leonard Huxley Building C4
57 Nuclear Physics Building C4
58 Cockcroft Building B4
No.Building NameGrid
58a Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility B4
58b Erich Weigold Building C4
58c John Carver Building B4
58d Cockcroft/Oliphant Link Building B4
59 Le Couteur Building B4
60 Oliphant Building B4
61 Jaeger Building C3
61a Jaeger, Old Hospital Building A C3
62 Research School of Population Health C3
62a M Block - National Institute for Mental Health Research C3
63 National Institue for Mental Health Research C3
63a N Block - Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute C3
63t1 Research School of Population Health T1 C3
63t2 Research School of Population Health T2 C3
64 Gardeners Depot C3
64a Gardeners Cottage C3
64b University General Store C3
65 20 Balmain Crescent B2
66 18 Balmain Lane B2
67 16 Balmain Lane B2
67a 14 Balmain Lane B2
67b 12 Balmain Lane B2
67c 1 Liversidge Street B2
68 3 Liversidge Street B2
69 5 Liversidge Street C2
70 7 Liversidge Street C2
71 28 Balmain Crescent C2
71T 28 Balmain Crescent C2
72 22 Balmain Crescent C2
73 Old Canberra House B2
73a Old Canberra House Block A - Chauffeur's Cottage B2
73b Old Canberra House Block B - Gardener's Cottage B2
74 HRC/CCR Annex B2
75 Lennox House A1
75a Lennox House Block A A1
75d Lennox House Block D B1
75e Lennox House Block E B1
75f Lennox House Block F B1
75g Lennox House Block G A1
75i Lennox House Block I A1
75t1 Lennox Crossing - Transportable Building1 A1
75t2 Lennox Crossing - Transportable, Building2 B1
76 Noel Butlin Archives Centre B2
77 University Accommodation Services D2
77a 27 Brian Lewis Crescent C2
78 Liversidge Court C2
82 Boat Shed C4
83c Glass House Dickson Rd E5
84 Applied Mathematics Building B4
86 Tennis Court C3
86a Tennis Shed C3
87 South Oval D4
No.Building NameGrid
88 South Pavilion D4
88t1 Information Services D4
89 Fellows Oval E3
90 Willows Oval G3
91 North Road Tennis Courts H4
92 Law Tennis Courts D3
93 Churchill House C2
94 International Sculpture Park A1
95 Fulton Muir Building G4
97 PCB Store C3
99 Baldessin Parking Station F2
100 School of Music F2
101 9 Liversidge Street C2
103 David Happold Building (formerly Field Teaching Store) F5
105 School of Art E2
105a Baldessin Annex E2
105b The Shed (Arts) E2
105c School of Art Transportable—East E2
105d School of Art Transportable—West E2
106 Dickson Precinct Parking Station D5
108 Computer Science & Information Technology Building G4
109 Kingsley Street Parking Station G2
110 Baldessin Precinct Building E2
113 Jaeger 5 (R.G. Shrimp Building) B3
115 Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering G4
116 Gould Building (RSB) E5
117 Hugh Ennor Building D3
118 Graduate House C3
120 Sir Roland Wilson Building D1
121 Peter Karmel Building F2
122 Hancock Building - East Wing F4
124 Anthony Low Building (formerly Innovations) C3
125 Jaeger 7 C3
126 Judith Wright Court C2
127 Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies — The Middle East and Central Asia E3
128 8 Liversidge Street C2
130 Hedley Bull Centre D2
131 John Curtin School of Medical Research - Stage1 C4
131a John Curtin School of Medical Research - Stage2 C4
132 JG Crawford Building A2
132A GJ Yeend Wing B2
133 Wes Whitten Building (RSB) E5
134 Linnaeus Building, Research School of Biology (RSB) E4
135 Central Plant E4
136 Sciences Teaching Building F4
137 Chemistry Building F4
138 Michael Birt Building F4
141 Frank Fenner Building E4
142 Jaeger 8 C3
143 National Computational Infrastructure C4
188 Australian China in the World D3
300R East Road E3
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