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Grid Reference EF54

32Engineering Building, FEIT
34Arthur Hambly Lecture Theatres
38Physics Building, Faculty of Science
38aPhysics Link Building, Faculty of Science Faculty Office
39Psychology Building and Physics Lecture Theatre
40Bruce Hall
42Peter Baume Building
42aPeter Baume Building
43Hancock Building - West Wing, Library
44Banks Building (RSB), Research School of Biology (RSB)
45John Yencken Building, Facilities & Services
45aUniversity Maintenance, Facilities & Services
46RN Robertson Building, Research School of Biology (RSB)
46cControlled Environment Facility, Research School of Biology (RSB)
46eR. N. Robertson Lecture Theatre, Research School of Biology (RSB)
46gEntrance to RSB Delivery Dock, Research School of Biology (RSB)
46hOld Growth Chambers, Research School of Biology (RSB)
47Department of Earth and Marine Sciences, Faculty of Science
48Fenner School of Environment and Society, Faculty of Science
48aSRES Geography Building, Faculty of Science
49Burton and Garran Hall
83cGlass House Dickson Rd, Research School of Biology (RSB)
103David Happold Building (formerly Field Teaching Store), Research School of Biology (RSB)
116Gould Building (RSB), Research School of Biology (RSB)
122Hancock Building - East Wing
133Wes Whitten Building (RSB), Research School of Biology (RSB)
134Linnaeus Building, Research School of Biology (RSB)
135Central Plant
136Sciences Teaching Building
137Chemistry Building
138Michael Birt Building, Under Construction
141Frank Fenner Building

Campus Map - Sector EF54
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Engineering Building Arthur Hambly Lecture Theatres Physics Building Physics Link Building Psychology Building and Physics Lecture Theatre Bruce Hall Peter Baume Building Peter Baume Building Hancock Building - West Wing Banks Building (RSB) John Yencken Building University Maintenance RN Robertson Building, Research School of Biology (RSB) Controlled Environment Facility R. N. Robertson Lecture Theatre Entrance to RSB Delivery Dock Old Growth Chambers Department of Earth and Marine Sciences Fenner School of Environment and Society SRES Geography Building Burton and Garran Hall Glass House Dickson Rd David Happold Building (formerly Field Teaching Store) Gould Building (RSB) Hancock Building - East Wing Wes Whitten Building (RSB) Linnaeus Building, Research School of Biology (RSB) Central Plant Sciences Teaching Building Chemistry Building Michael Birt Building Frank Fenner Building GRID AB54 GRID CD54 GRID EF54 GRID GH54 GRID AB32 GRID CD32 GRID EF32 GRID GH32 GRID AB1 GRID CD1 GRID EF1 GRID GH1
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