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Grid Reference EF32

6Law School, North Wing — ANUCOL
6aFellows Road Law Theatres (formally Sparke Helmore), Law Lecture Theatres
7Law Link & Law Link Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Law
9Coombs Building, RSSS, RSPAS
10Chancelry Building, University Administration
10aChancelry Block A
10bHuman Resources Division
10cChancelry Block C
11Pauline Griffin Building, Student Administration
12Melville Hall
13Beryl Rawson Building
13aBuilding 13A
13bAsian Studies Demountable
13t1Building 13T1
13t2Building 13T2
14A.D. Hope Building
15Chifley Building, Library
16Arts Centre
16tANU Connect Ventures
17Concessions & Student Facilities Building
18University Health Service and Counselling Centre
20University Union Building
21Hanna Neumann Building
22Haydon-Allen Building
23Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre, The Tank
24Copland Building
89Fellows Oval
99Baldessin Parking Station
100School of Music, LLewellyn Hall (ITA)
105School of Art, ITA
105aBaldessin Annex
105bThe Shed (Arts)
105cSchool of Art Transportable—East
105dSchool of Art Transportable—West
110Baldessin Precinct Building, Faculty of Asian Studies
121Peter Karmel Building, ITA
127Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies — The Middle East and Central Asia
300REast Road

Campus Map - Sector EF32
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Law School, North Wing — ANUCOL Fellows Road Law Theatres (formally Sparke Helmore) Law Link & Law Link Lecture Theatre Coombs Building Chancelry Building Chancelry Block A Human Resources Division Chancelry Block C Chancelry Pauline Griffin Building Melville Hall Beryl Rawson Building Building 13A Asian Studies Demountable Building 13T1 Building 13T2 A.D. Hope Building Chifley Building Arts Centre ANU Connect Ventures Concessions & Student Facilities Building University Health Service and Counselling Centre University Union Building Hanna Neumann Building Haydon-Allen Building Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre Copland Building Fellows Oval Baldessin Parking Station School of Music School of Art Baldessin Annex The Shed (Arts) School of Art Transportable—East School of Art Transportable—West Baldessin Precinct Building Peter Karmel Building Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies — The Middle East and Central Asia East Road GRID AB54 GRID CD54 GRID EF54 GRID GH54 GRID AB32 GRID CD32 GRID EF32 GRID GH32 GRID AB1 GRID CD1 GRID EF1 GRID GH1
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